Current Endeavors

Antelope Lending Library

Antelope Lending Library, founded in 2012, is an independent, non-profit bookmobile library working to overcome barriers and provide full and equal access to information and ideas in our community. All materials are lent on a no-fees basis, so access is always free, no matter what.

Brink is an in-print literary journal that champions writing and art created on the edge. By publishing the hybrid, cross-genre work of emerging and established creatives who often reside outside traditional artistic communities and disciplines, Brink celebrates experimental, nonclassified forms that resist strictly delineated borders and embrace a plurality of possibilities.

DrupalCorn Camp

DrupalCorn Camp is a gathering of people from around the midwest region to learn, share and network around the Drupal platform. The event draws a wide range of interests from beginners to experts, programmers to CTOs, in both private and public enterprise.

Floodwater Comedy Festival

A weekend of comedy coming to downtown Iowa City April 16-19th. It will be entertaining, interactive, and most importantly, will make people laugh. Programming will focus on three major forms of comedy: performance (stand-up and improv), video shorts, and writing. Events will include performances, open mic nights, screenings, reading workshops, talkbacks, and more.

A non-profit arts organization, Iowa City Poetry builds community through a shared love of poetry. We host adult poetry writing workshops, teen spoken word workshops and performances, a monthly reading series, a monthly open mic, a fees-free poetry library, and annual community-wide poetry events. In this way, we share the wealth of literary resources in Iowa City, a UNESCO City of Literature and home to the Iowa Writers' Workshop, with writers of all ages, incomes, identities, and experience levels.

Iowa Tech Chicks

Iowa Tech Chicks is a community organization that strives to connect and educate women working in and interested in learning technology. Program areas include education for women in tech, education and services for women business owners and outreach to girls. Girls Tech Career Day is our primary event. Please join us!

The LENA Project works to encourage environmental awareness and action. Inspired by a group of local preschool children wanting to "Help the Earth be the best Earth," the LENA Project was formed to carry on their mission. LENA stands for Less/Empower/Notice/Act. We encourage Less wasteful consumption, we hope to Empower people to use their voices, we encourage people to Notice their environmental impact, and to Act in small ways for our earth.

Through storytelling, art, education, and community projects, LENA aims to connect individuals to the environment and to one another. It will take all of us, from all backgrounds to heal the Earth. Together we can take necessary steps towards an environmentally sustainable future for all.

The Machine Stops Opera Group was formed for the purpose of launching an original full-length opera—written, composed, orchestrated, staged and performed entirely by local artists from the University and the community. This opera project provides opportunities for area musicians, singers, and theatre producers; its contemporary science-fiction setting will appeal to audiences new to the opera genre, while introducing established opera goers in the Corridor to a 21st-century work.

Based on a 1909 story by E. M. Forster, "The Machine Stops" takes us far underground, where most of humankind has retreated, each to an Individual room. Supported and controlled by a vast network of machinery, and their only knowledge of the surface (and each other) acquired through hand-held communication devices, these people will seem eerily familiar.

A workshop performance is planned early in 2021, with a fully staged production in Coralville's Center for the Performing Arts later in the year.

Millennials for Climate Action is a local organization focused on conservation and sustainability. Our mission is to inform ourselves and our peers of the detrimental effects of human consumption, waste, and energy production on our planet. We aim to inspire individuals to work toward positive change by providing access to resources and information regarding sustainable living. We focus on empowering individuals and communities to plan and participate in climate action. We believe it is each of our responsibility to conserve our environment to provide future generations a thriving and habitable planet.

Prompt Press

Publications: inspired by Gertrude Stein's Paris Salon, Prompt Press provides inspiration for and invites collaboration between writers and visual artists. We believe cross media collaboration is vital to the creation of boundary pushing new work, and necessary at a time when funding for the arts is low. Prompt provides a space for artists to connect, study each other's work, and publish within the national scene. In our exploration of how word becomes image, becomes word we invite book artists, who are already working in the space between image and word, to design our bi-annual print journal.

Workshops and Camps: supports teen artists and writers through workshops and publishing opportunities. Our “Image+Word” workshop for teens (offered in collaboration with IYWP) takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching both visual art and writing. Our first month long “Image+Word” workshop for adults will be offered in March in collaboration with Iowa City Poetry. Prompt also partners with Iowa City Poetry to sponsor the monthly “Free Generative Writing Workshop.” Each month a new talented teacher/writers presents an original prompt, from which participants write and receive feedback.

Iowa City Zombie March, promoting Weird and Good in Iowa City since 2006. We use our annual zombie march as a vehicle to raise awareness for (local) charities. We celebrate the horror genre by dawning gory make up and traipsing through town moaning and dragging appendages.