What is The James Gang?

Founded in 2002, the James Gang is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots community building organization based in Iowa City, Iowa. The organization is committed to fostering interdisciplinary community development through helping people realize and share their own creative ideas, expressions, and ambitions.

The James Gang pursues its mission by creating projects called "endeavors" that connect creativity and service and are frameworks to help individuals pursue their own creativity.

Our Mission

The James Gang works to foster community-oriented actions, attitudes, and experiences in which creativity and service thrive.

What does that mean?

The James Gang is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community building organization that works to help individuals realize the reality of their own creative ideas and then directs that creativity to making a stronger more vibrant community. You could describe us as a nonprofit entrepreneurial center that works to start and grow community projects surrounding the areas of creativity and service. We hold a very broad definition of creativity including the traditional areas of the arts, music, theater, and more, but our definition of creativity includes areas as diverse as technology, the humanities, community activism, and business. Bascially, anything that a person is excited and passionate about.

Some examples of creative ideas: a person might want to put on a play, hold a community meeting, or start a community food festival---but they might not know how. Everyone has these types of ideas, but they often don't even know where to begin to make them happen. The James Gang's mission is to connect people to resources, resources to people, and everything in between to make individual's ideas a reality. We pursue our mission by creating projects we call "endeavors" that connect creativity and service. Still confused? Spend some time exploring our site and seeing examples of past and current endeavors, or send us an email at interest@jamesgangic.com.