What is The James Gang?

The James Gang is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots community-building organization established in 2002 and based in Iowa City, Iowa. The organization fosters interdisciplinary community development by helping people realize and share their own creative ideas, expressions, and ambitions.

The James Gang pursues its mission by incubating projects called Endeavors. By connecting creativity and service, Endeavors exist as frameworks that equip individuals to do good in their community by pursuing their own creative vision.

Our Mission

The James Gang fosters community-oriented actions, attitudes, and experiences in which creativity and service thrive.

What does that mean?

In many ways, The James Gang is a nonprofit incubator. Our goal is to nurture creativity thereby making a stronger more vibrant community. As a nonprofit entrepreneurial organization, we work to initiate and grow community projects surrounding the areas of creativity and service.

We hold a very broad definition of what constitutes creativity. Endeavors often engage in the more traditional areas of literature, music, theater; but our definition of creativity includes technology, the humanities, community activism, and business.

Interested in learning more? Email us at interest@jamesgangic.com.