Get Involved

Do you enjoy finding creative ways to solve problems? Do you like to create? Or are you creative? Or want to develop your creativity? Do you consider yourself an inspired and dedicated worker? Do you have a passion for service and community involvement? Do you want to grow as a leader, facilitator, and thinker? Do you like to have fun while you work?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then The James Gang wants you.

The James Gang cares about what you’ve done and where you’ve been, but more importantly, we care about who you are and what you want to do. We are looking to fill our volunteer ranks with people who want to make positive change in their community, people who not only look at the big picture but also take care of the small details, and finally people who are inspired and want to inspire others. People who want to make a difference

The James Gang is always interested in recruiting community members of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to be a part of the organization. As a nonprofit, membership in the organization is on a volunteer basis, and membership can happen at a number of different levels:

Board of Directors : The Board of Directors is comprised of individual representatives from each current Endeavor. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure the long-term development and direction of The James Gang. Multiple board members tend to serve three-year terms and work to develop new Endeavors while maintaining and improving current ones.

Executive Board : Board staff assists and supports the Board of Directors in their duties in areas as diverse as marketing, finance, recruitment, and new endeavor development.

Project Specific : We are often seeking individuals with certain skills to help with specific tasks and projects.

Endeavor Directors : Each endeavor is a semi-autonomous organization that is run by its own team of directors. Email to learn more about these opportunities.

Endeavor Staff : Each endeavor employs its own staff for various functions. Email the endeavor directly or to learn more about these opportunities.

If you are interested in getting involved we would love to talk to you. The James Gang has been and always will be for the community by the community and only through the involvement of many will the organization thrive. Please feel free to contact us to share with us your interest, questions, or concerns. We can help find you a perfect place within the organization that fits your skills and ambitions. If you have any questions, please email us