Q: I've never heard of The James Gang, but have I ever heard of your work?

A: You might be surprised to realize just how many facets of our community began as James Gang Endeavors. Since the organization launched in 2002, The James Gang has carried out many projects and activities throughout the community. Perhaps most notably have been: Mission Creek, Public Space One, The 10,000 Hours Show (now adopted by the United Way), The Saturday Night Free Movie Series now adopted by Summer of the Arts), UNstaged, The Composing Charity Series, and The cFree Wireless Project.

Q: What is an Endeavor?

A: Endeavor is the fancy word that we use for our projects. Endeavors are designed to connect creativity and service to the community in innovative and resourceful ways. The Endeavors are designed to be frameworks.

Q: What do you mean by framework?

A: Endeavors don't necessarily create the primary thing they are about, but they are a structure that allows others to create it themselves. Frameworks enable others to create and showcase their talents by giving them a structure to showcase their talents while raising funds for a local nonprofit.

Q: What's with the name?

A: The name "The James Gang" is a reference to the philosopher William James, considered to be the father of American Psychology. James developed the theory of Pragmatism, and for our purposes we define this as meaning, "Instead of just thinking and talking about something, you should get out and do it." The James Gang's tagline is "Go Public." We exist to help people take their ideas, interests, passions, etc. and put them out there (go public). Instead of sitting around saying, "We should volunteer in the community" or "We should perform a play," we work to provides projects and resources that allow people to make those thoughts a reality.

Q: Who is the James Gang?

A: The James Gang is comprised of individuals from all walks of life. Anyone who works on any of our numerous endeavors or even just participates is a member of The James Gang. To see our most recently updated list of those involved in our endeavors, visit our Current Endeavors page.

Q: How do you become a member of The James Gang?

A: Visit our Get Involved section to learn more.