Go Public, Pragmatism, and William James

The name "The James Gang" is a reference to the philosopher William James, considered to be the father of American Psychology. James developed the theory of Pragmatism, and for our purposes we define this as meaning, "Instead of just thinking and talking about something, you should get out and do it." The James Gang's tagline is "Go Public." We exist to help people take their ideas, interests, passions, etc. and put them out there (go public). Instead of sitting around saying, "We should volunteer in the community" or "We should perform a play." The James Gang works to provide projects and resouces that allow people to make these types of thoughts happen.

Connected and Connecting

The James Gang is connected in the community through networks of community leaders, creatives, doers, thinkers, and community members. We work to make connections between the sometimes seemingly unconnected.

Developing a Community of Doers

The James Gang not only exists to create community projects, but through its efforts it also develops community doers. Our hope is those involved in our organization and its endeavors become strong and passionate leaders in their communities for the rest of their lives.