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Past Endeavors

Mission Creek

A festival held each spring that includes concerts, comedic performances, literary readings and events, film screenings, public lectures, food and culture events, and a tech and innovation mini-conference. It is now part of Englert Theater.

Public Space One

PS1 is concerned with providing the community a structure for expression in a multitude of genres and forms. It is now part of Legion Arts.

Saturday Night Free Movie Series

Started as a pilot program by M.C. Ginsberg and the James Gang in 2005, the Free Movie Series features a full-length movie on the University of Iowa Pentacrest outside of Macbride Hall. Each week you can enjoy a classic or contemporary feature film.  Movies start at sundown and many offer special entertainment prior to the feature film. It is now part of Summer of the Arts.

Ten Thousand Hours Show

The 10,000 Hours Show (10K) is a year-round effort to engage young people in volunteer service that culminates in a free concert for which the only admission is 10 or more volunteer hours to local nonprofit organizations. It is now a national youth engagement project of the United Way.

cFree Wireless Project

An endeavor to provide free wireless to the community from 2004.

The Coaster Project

Composing Charities Project

A series of benefit shows to raise awareness and support of both local artists and local non-profit organizations from 2002-2006.


A free performance art event in Mount Vernon in 2007.